4 C E N T O


The 4CENTO restaurant is located in the original context of the ancient convent of the adjacent guesthouse. The building, dated 1400, has been carefully restored by combining the simplicity of the furnishings and modern materials with the charm of the ancient. Due to its origins, the interior of the restaurant is divided into separate rooms, of medium size, which we have transformed into private dining rooms for dinners with friends rather than just private meetings.

The inner garden at the court of 4CENTO, heart and soul of the cocktail restaurant, is loved and appreciated. The garden comes to life during the summer nights, giving guests an evocative atmosphere from cocktails to dinner, to the finishing off with a cocktail.

During the family brunch you can enjoy the natural shade of the trees and, for the little ones, play on the lawn in the countryside. We invite our guests to bring their dogs; as long as they are accompanied by sanitary bags and respect the common rules of social graces.

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Make your request for information and pricing at 4cento@4cento.com or call +39 02 895 177 71

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