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Dinner – Menu 3.0

The decision to construct an alternative offer has been our goal from the start.

One day someone called our menu an “affordable luxury“. We liked that description so we made it our own. Our menu is just that, there is no lack of style, taste and balance. Everything is offered at an affordable price.

At the 4Cento restaurant, we invite our guests to have fun with our proposed dishes and the choice of ingredients. We deliberately do not offer a menu split between appetizers, starters, main courses and desserts; however, we only distinguish between meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes and desserts. Our prices are reduced and our portions are contained in order to help you choose and enjoy a dish more: simple flavours yet prepared with skill, a unique setting, a youthful and helpful staff to service you, a proposal of international wines, yet limited, so that it coincides with our way of thinking (see the session Wine List).

Our menu meets the different needs of each guest, be it providing more vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes, or be it for groups and celebrations by offering pre-agreed upon sample tasting tailored made menus to ultimately create the most streamlined service and a more pleasant stay.

At 4Cento, meal time a time for sharing and exchange, a real experience for the senses. The atmosphere and the musical accompaniment in our restaurant are never left to chance, as they both contribute to making your stay unique and pleasant; hopefully on a reoccurring basis.


Mushroom mini-flan with breast and leg of quail and 36 month-aged Parmesan cream € 13

Seared beef tartare with smoked provola cheese and Valpolicella-braised radicchio € 14

Beetroot risotto with escalope of foie gras seasoned with lemon thyme and Maldon salt € 14

Saffron maltagliati pasta served in braised veal sauce flavoured with orange zest € 13

Tender Iberian ham hock glazed with balsamic vinegar of Modena on puntarelle julienne with lime € 15

Veal jowls cooked at low temperatures with sweet potatoes and red sauerkraut à la Sorbara Lambrusco € 18


Carpaccio of Scottish salmon marinated in ponzu sauce with puntarelle in Ligurian extra-virgin olive and black sesame seed oil € 13

Bacon-wrapped scallops flavoured with orange essence on a cream of chickpeas with rosemary € 14

Sea-bass ravioli with bouillabaisse and mussels in Sauvignon € 14

Fusilloni pasta with green broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, essence of anchovy sauce and toasted breadcrumbs € 12

Skewer of pullet and cured Parma ham on a lemon-dressed artichoke salad € 16

Beer-steamed fillet of John Dory on a cream of purple cauliflower and julienne of crunchy daikon € 17


Green broccoli mini-flan with cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and crunchy leeks € 10

Lime wood smoked hazelnut and Parmesan macaroon on a cream of leek and potatoes € 10

Hokkaido pumpkin and thyme risotto with crushed Amaretti biscuits and dried pumpkin € 11

Artichokes and artichoke cream tortelli with powdered liquorice and ginger € 13

Puntarelle salad with lime foam and juniper-marinated and -smoked tofu cubes € 9

Artichoke and ricotta dumpling with a cream of fennel and Sichuan pears € 10


Frozen orange soufflé with bourbon vanilla sauce and almond crumble € 7

Hemisphere of fondant chocolate with blueberry mousse and sesame brittle € 7

Tiramisù alla 4cento with red fruits € 7

Warm white chocolate cake with mulled wine water-ice € 7

Mandarin and cinnamon variation € 7

Plated millefeuille pastry with hazelnut mousse and warm nut chocolate sauce € 7


The 4Cento restaurant serves gluten free dishes suitable for Coeliacs; however, the management cannot guarantee a total absence of flour contamination.

View the Wine List


Look at the proposals for groups and celebrations

The Family Brunch

Request a price estimate at 4cento@4cento.com

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