4 C E N T O

Live Music

Live Music

The 4Cento is a protected are for restless artists, a place of expression where painters, writers and sculptors, and musicians come to vent their fervent creativity.

An exhibition space and unconventional musical expression where creativity comes in and becomes the lead performer, freed from the isolation of institutional spaces. At 4Cento, art and music penetrate the places of everyday life, mingle among the common people and warm up the rooms with deep notes of colour, already made suggestive and inviting by the deep red of the bricks.

A complex of pure emotions that takes the audience by the hand, eliminating the distance between artist/musician and the audience, provoking an osmotic relationship which can trigger new relational territories, without mediation, frames or pedestals. Yes, because at 4Cento the artists and public communicate, making the environment that surrounds them even more intimate. They return to the memorable and dazzling vocal performances of soul musicians Z-star, the notes of Bossanova from Rosalia de Sousa, the black vortex of Funkallisto, the performances of Ridillo, Enri and Montefiori Cocktail, and Pillars of Hercules of the international easy listening scene. A unique concentration of style and relaxation. The daring leaps are not missing like the nu jazz show of mo horizon, an avant-garde world in which the performing arts merge with a sophisticated playlist careful to target pretentious of the restaurant.



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